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Iowa Rush Players Compete for Region 2 at Interregional Event


Ann Marie Jaworski (u15 girls) and Maggie Boelman (u16 Girls) both traveled to Florida to represent Region 2 at the ODP Interregional event held earlier this month. Now that they have returned, we asked them to share more about their experience with the Iowa Rush family. 

Here's what Ann Marie had to say, 

"Florida is an experience I will never forget. I learned many new things.  For example, I learned more about playing the center-mid position, and I learned to play new positions, too. I think I grew as a player, but also as a person. We did so many fun things and I just embraced every second of it. It was so much fun and I hope in the future I will be able to go again. All the other girls were nice, the hotel was great, the coaching staff was awesome, and I made many new friends. This was just a very enjoyable exsperience for me. This trip has shown me what I do well and what I can also work on too. My game will improve from this. This event just made me want to improve my game and work and work until I have reached the best soccer player I can be.

   From this trip I have not only gotten to see friends, but I also made friends. These are people who have earned their way just like me. I love to be part of a team and to do team activities. Those girls there were a big part of why this trip was fun and worth while. I can not wait to see them all again. This is one thing that I have done for myself, and no one can take away from me. What a true experience for me. I'm looking forward to more trips like this."

And Maggie shared this, 

"The trip to Florida was an amazing experience! Every other day we would have games, and the days in between games we would practice. During the end of our trip we went to the beach and the movies. The competetion in Florida was great! The girls I played with, and against were very talented. Everytime I went out to play my skills were tested. I was played as a right outside back, and I had to learn how to adapt to the new position I was expected to play. Every game I had to figure out what I needed to do playing a new position and at a high level of soccer. It was very cool to be able to meet other girls in the Region ll and from other regions around the country. I had a lot of fun, and I'm bringing back a lot of things that I learned."

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