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In Their Own Words - Maggie


Maggie Boelman explains more about what Rush Festival is and what takes place at this yearly RUSH event, “this year’s Rush Festival was held in Albuquerque, New Mexico. At the Festival, Rush teams from around the country come together to play matches and train with the Rush staff. My experience there was awesome! I had the opportunity to play great soccer with great coaches and players from across the nation. This is an opportunity that every Rush player should experience because you get the chance to meet new coaches who challenge you to play at a new level, and players who share the same love and enthusiasm for the game.

At the Rush Festival I played on a New Mexico girl’s team. In the mornings I would play a 35 minute half game. Then in the afternoon I would go to a meeting with all of the girls at the Festival. Right after the meeting I went and practiced with my team for a training session. Every night there was something new and fun to do. We had opportunities to go to ice cream socials, movie nights, and amusement parks and watch boys and girls select teams play. Overall the experience was great, and I hope every Rush player takes the opportunity to go to a Rush Festival.”

Maggie is pictured below in the front row on the far right, along with fellow Iowa Rush player Caroline Buelt (front row, white headband).

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