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2011 ODP Regional Camp



Iowa Girls the far red in the letter “P”


Chloee Kooker: “I was really excited when I made the A pool team, the soccer was intense. Even though it was challenging, I always felt comfortable playing with the A pool group. I think the way we practice at Rush practices helped me be ready for the ODP practices.”




Rylee Tilton: “ODP was an amazing experience. To be selected to the ODP state and regional team was really exciting. The level of competition got better and better. It was a true honor to be selected to be a part of the pool team and play with really talented players from all over the Midwest. I was so excited when I heard that Chloee and I were selected to the pool and am so thankful we have the technical and tactical skills to play with players at that level. We also had fun watching the World Cup, trading t-shirts and getting to know players from all over the region on our World Cup teams.”




Maggie Boelman: “State Camp for ODP was held in Lamoni, Iowa, and Regional Camp was held in Dekalb, Illinois. I had the privilege to attend both camps. At State Camp I trained with some of the best players and coaches in the state. I was fortunate enough to move onto Regional Camp and train with some of the best coaches and players in Region two. The thing that stands out about Regional Camp is competitive player pools. My training from the player pools allowed me to train with the best players and coaches from my region which forced me to step up my game. I’m looking forward to the opportunities that ODP will provide for me, and the skills that I will take with me.”






Meg Brandt: “This year I attended ODP Regional camp in DeKalb, IL for the first time.  At camp I was able to see the skill level of other very good players from different states.  It was a lot of soccer and an opportunity to talk to new coaches.  Each day we played games against other states and had training. Pool play begins the second day.  Players are chosen from each state according to ability by the coaches.  When placed in a pool you practice with that team.  It was a lot of really good soccer!”

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