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Age Group Transition Documents

 rec u7 girls f13

As players advance from one age to the next, there are often changes to format that can be confusing or somewhat unexpected for parents and players.  We have provided transition documents below as a resource that can help you look ahead (or back) to see the differences with rules, field sizes, team rosters, etc from one age to the next to help give you a more complete picture of what to expect next year or for the years ahead.  If you have any specific questions about how soccer will look at the next age or next level, please contact the appropriate program director (found on the staff page) to help get the answers you need.

   Recreation         Academy            Select           
U6 to U7 U6 to U7 doc NA NA
U7 to U8 see u6-u7 doc NA  NA
U8 to U9 U8 to U9 doc U8 to U9 doc NA
U9 to U10       see u8-u9 doc see u8 to u9 doc      NA
U10 to U11 U10 to U11 doc NA U10 to U11 doc
U11 to U12 see u10-u11 doc NA see u11 to u12 doc       
U12 to U13 U12 to U13 doc NA U12 to U13 doc
U13 to U14 see u12-u13 doc NA see u12 to u13 doc
U14 to U15 see u12-u13 doc NA U14 to U15 doc
U15 to U16 see u12-u13 doc NA see u14-u15 doc
U16 to U17 see u12-u13 doc NA see u14-u15 doc
U17 to U18       see u12-u13 doc        NA   see u14-u15 doc

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Sideline Rules of Conduct

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