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Injury Management


injury management

Injury Management

According to SAFE KIDS USA: http://www.usa.safekids.org/

  • More than 3.5 million children ages 14 and under receive medical treatment for sports injuries each year. 
  • Injuries associated with participation in sports and recreational activities account for 21% of all traumatic brain injuries among children in the United States. 
  • Most organized sports related injuries (62%) occur during practices rather than games. Despite this fact, a third of parents often do not take the same safety precautions during their child’s practices as they would for a game.
  • Overuse injury, which occurs over time from repeated motion, is responsible for nearly half of all sports injuries to middle and high-school students. Immature bones, insufficient rest after an injury and poor training or conditioning contribute to overuse injuries among children. 
  • Children ages 5 to 14 account for nearly 40% of all sports-related injuries treated in hospital emergency departments. The rate and severity of sports-related injury increases with a child’s age.

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Sideline Tips 2013 Spring Season:

Injury Prevention

Physiotherapy Associates and National Center for Sports Safety (NCSS) can help you take your program to the next level by making sports safety education part of your winning program. PREPARE was designed for coaches, volunteers, parents and staff of all levels of sports and will equip you with the information needed to ensure your athletes are safe. 

2012 PREPARE CLASS Dates and Information

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