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Weather & Field Cancellations and Changes to Field Availability

Notification Procedures:

Cancelations and field closures will be communicated as quickly as possible and no later than 3:00 pm on the day. Field closures and cancelations will be communicated in the following methods:

1. On the Weather/Field Info tab on Iowa Rush website

2. Bonzi email/text alert for Iowa Rush members

3. Post on Iowa Rush Facebook page (make sure to LIKE us by clicking on the link)

4. Post on Iowa Rush Twitter (make sure to follow us by clicking on the link)

September 9, 2014- New Outdoor Warning System Installed at Prairie Ridge Soccer Complex 

Fields and Facilities:

Prairie Ridge Sports Complex

Address: 1510 NW Ash Drive Ankeny, Iowa 50023

Map of Prairie Ridge Complex

  • The complex boasts 11 soccer fields and is cared for by a full time grounds staff. A permanent concession stand, complete with bathrooms and ample paved parking, enhances the all-around soccer experience.
  • The City of Ankeny will fly a Red Flag at the entrance of the soccer complex to indicate that fields are closed.  Anytime this flag is out the fields are closed and should not be used. 
  • Fields are reserved for training as follows:
    • Field 32- U5-U8 Recreational Pro Training Sessions
    • Field 21, 31, 37, 38- Available to all Recreational teams on first come, first serve basis.
    • Field 33- Academy Training
    • Field 34, 35, 36- Select Training
  • The City of Ankeny has asked that we remind all coaches and players to use only the Soccer fields on the North and East side of the Prairie Ridge complex. Click on the link below for a map to help identify these fields.
  • The City of Ankeny has established a field numbering system at Prairie Ridge. This number system was developed to provide emergency management with a consistent system for locating anyone that might need assistance.
  • Prairie Ridge Soccer Complex- Emergency Response Information


Permanent goals cannot be moved under any circumstance without permission from ground crew and Iowa Rush Staff.

Permanent goals are defined as any goals that are staked into the ground.

Kick-backs (rebounder goals) - permission to use these goals must be obtained by contacting the DOC

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Field Status
Last Update:
2014-11-10 14:56 pm
Closed Field 32
Closed Field 33
Closed Field 35
Closed South Side Fields