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Iowa Rush understands that referees are an integral part of the game. Therefore we promote all referee license courses and encourage our players and parents to become match officials. Referee license courses are available through the Iowa Soccer Association. Program information can be found at

Frequently Asked Questions

I've taken and completed a referee class.  What do I do now?
Please contact the referee assignor at [email protected], as he assigns games for the Iowa Rush Soccer Club (Ankeny).  All assignments are done by a program called Arbiter Sports, and he will need to get you added to this program.  When contacting [email protected] please provide:

--Your first and last name

--Your mailing address

--Any contact phone number (please indicate if your number is a home, work, or cell)

--A "unique" e-mail address that will be check regularly  **Each referee is required to have a different e-mail.  A family with multiple referees will need to have a different e-mail for each person**

Once you have sent him the needed information, you will receive a "reply."  In addition, you will receive a "welcome" e-mail at the e-mail address you requested to be used.  This e-mail address will contain the website for Arbiter Sports, a username, and a password (you will be able to change this password once you log in for the first time).  You will need to log in using the instructions in the welcome e-mail, verify your mailing address and phone numbers are correct, and click the box next to "ready to be assigned."

I'm a certified referee new to the Ankeny area.  How do I get on your list to ref games?

--If you are a referee certified in Iowa then you just need to send an e-mail with your name to [email protected], and he will verify your registration status with the Iowa Referee Committee (IRC). 

--If you are a referee certified in a state other than Iowa, your will need to verify your certification for the current year.  You will need to either scan a copy of your current USSF card showing your current grade and year, or you will need to have your SRA or SYRA send a letter to [email protected]

--If you already have an existing Arbiter account with another assignor then you will need to provide the e-mail address you use on your other Arbiter account.
--If you do NOT have an Arbiter account then following the instructions under "I've taken and completed a referee class.  What do I do now?"
I'm not getting any games or I would like more games.  Is there an issue?

 Possibly.  The first three things to check are:

 --Did you ever log into your Arbiter account?  If a referee has not signed-in and accepted the Arbiter, then you were unable to be assigned.  Sometimes the welcome e-mail goes into your junk/bulk folder.  Contact [email protected] to have the welcome e-mail re-sent if needed.

--Log onto your Arbiter account.  There is a box next to "ready to be assigned."  This needs to be checked.  If this is unchecked that means you are not "ready."  The only time you want this unchecked is if there is a reason you cannot temporarily referee such as if you have an injury, military leave, etc. 

--Is your mailing address correct?  If your mailing address is not entered or entered wrong then this can create issue and possibly make you unavailable.

Please don't wait until the season is over to let our referee assignor know you are not receiving assignments for games.  Every attempt will be made to provide all referees an equal amount of games, so if you haven't been assigned games within a couple of weeks let us know at [email protected]

If you are traveling to another town to play, or if you are traveling to your brother/sisters game, then please let [email protected] know and he will attempt to have you assigned to games at that locatiion when possible.

What color of uniforms do I need?
Rush recommends officials purchase a yellow and green referee jersey for local games, but check with other clubs and assignors may require additional colors.
You can order uniforms here:

For information about Iowa Rush Referees, please contact Charlie Ramsay at [email protected]

Entry Level Referee Clinics - Registration at

Click the Clinics Page

Contact Referee Assignor

Charlie Ramsay
[email protected]

Iowa Refs Website

To see calendar for courses, to sign into your account to register or re-register, click the link below.

Pay Scale for Refs

2019-2020 Pay

8U's - Ref - $15
10U’s - Ref $20
12U's - Ref - $25/AR $20
14U's - Ref - $30/AR $25
16U's - Ref - $35/AR $30
17U-19U's - Ref - $45/AR $35


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