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Players are a direct product of the environment in which they learn the game. At Iowa Rush we shape the curriculum to teach players to get better by providing constant challenges and exposure to problem solving situations. The players receive supervision, advice, encouragement and instant feedback in a developmentally appropriate environment. The training sessions and matches should be fun, not stressful, learning moments. Players should be allowed to make mistakes, receive information and respond in a positive manner to adversity. The curriculum is also designed to meet individual player needs based on age, ability, capacity, potential and ambition. 
Our primary focus is to help each individual player develop, grow, and mature as soccer players, athletes, and people. It is a long-term process that cannot be rushed. There is no guarantee that a player will reach his or her potential, but we must give the players an opportunity to become the best that they can be. There is no magic formula, no shortcuts to successful development. Coaching at the youth level is not about collecting or recruiting players to win team championships. It is about working with players and coaches to improve performance by creating age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate environments that are safe, healthy, challenging, and competitive. 
We need to understand who we are coaching; they are not mini-adults, they are children. Each age group has different characteristics that affect the way we teach and communicate. For all ages, winning is not the end-all-be-all. While learning how to compete and win and lose are important, it is the acquisition of skills and life lessons which remains our highest priority. Since players develop at different rates, this is not just for those who are the most advanced for their age. Nor is it just for the best athletes or the most committed soccer players. It is why we should set individual challenges in front of each player. Players may be asked to play up in age, while others may be asked to play in a more appropriate environment based on their skill level. Others may find themselves being asked to do more in order to be challenged. 
Such a philosophy means sometimes taking unpopular stands regarding team formation and player placement. It means being honest with parents about the growth and development of their child. It requires us as coaches to challenge each individual player, while not forgetting about the needs of the team. As an organization, we have to find a delicate balance to do what is in the best interest of the player vs. that of the teams and the club. To accomplish these goals, we must all be committed to understanding the game and learning more about how we can coach, direct, and lead. In this way, coaches need assistance, players need direction, and parents need guidance.  

Coaching Courses

Iowa Rush Soccer Club has parent coaches who volunteer their time and talents on a weekly basis to enrich the soccer experience of the players in our recreational program. We understand that not all parent coaches have played the game, so the club provides a pre-season clinic and has teaching resources available throughout the season. We provide an age appropriate coaching curriculum as well as access to USSF Coach License Courses. The club will reimburse 50% of license fees upon completion of the course.

Click here for more information on ISA coaching course schedule.


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