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IARushEdge Program Overview

IARUSHEDGE is a multi-faceted program put together for the purpose of creating more avenues within our club for players to develop in the technical components of the game.  The program seeks to further the club culture of players committed to becoming more skillful, creative, and thoughtful with the ball.

In addition, the program will promote player development by consistently supplying coaches material which will help them provide better instruction to players within all levels of the club: Recreational, Academy, and Select.

At its most basic level the program will provide a framework to assist our staff in answering these common questions from parents:
- What does my child need to work on?
- How can my child get better in a particular area of the game?

IARUSHEDGE is comprised of:

Club Video Library
Provides resources for players, coaches, and parents on the program YouTube page which includes: Individual Player Workouts, Dribbling Move Breakdowns, IArushedge Video Challenges, Tips on Technique, and Iowa Rush Way Videos.

Juggling Club 

- Technical Training (Skill, Speed, Shoot Sessions)
Optional training offerings for 9U-15U Select players across all programming levels during the fall and spring seasons

- Player Assessment Tools
The Select staff will continue to explore ways to use video and editing programs to provide feedback to players.

Program Director

Juggle Masters

The player with the highest recorded juggle total on their team is the Juggle Master.

Rush 11U Boys: 
Rush 11U Girls: 
Rush 12U Boys: Curran Anliker- 101
Rush 12U Girls: 
Rush 13U Boys: 
Nero 13U Boys: Landon B.- 129
Rush 13U Girls: Emily C.- 609
Nero 13U Girls: 
Rush 14U Boys:
Rush 14U Girls: 
Rush 15U Boys: 
Nero 15U Boys: 
Rush 15U Girls: 

In addition, Iowa Rush would like to recognize the following players who have reached the higher levels of the IARUSHEDGE Juggling Club:

Elite (1000+ juggles)

Black (500-999 juggles)
Emily C.- 609

Royal (250-499 juggles)

White (100-249 juggles)
Curran A. 101
Landon B. 129

Gold (50-99 juggles)

Juggling Video-

IARUSHEDGE Juggling Club rules:

  • Types of Touches: All surfaces can be used to keep the ball in the air, but the highest percentage of touches should be done with the feet (Scores achieved by only using thigh touches will not count).
  • Juggling Scores: Juggling can take place on your own or at an Iowa Rush training session. If a new personal high score is attained, or a higher level of the juggling club is reached, you should report this to your team’s Head Coach. Players are on the “honor system” when recording scores. 


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